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Cyber PI The Original Cyber Detective

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Get the scoop on neighbors, potential employees or business partners, ex-spouses, fiancÚs, missing family members NOW:

  • Check Criminal Records - Find The DIRT Now!
  • Uncover Your OWN Family History!
  • Find Birth, Death, SOCIAL SECURITY, Adoption, DMV Records, and More!
  • Powerful Reverse Search To Find Address, Phone Number and E-mail Addresses FAST!
  • Investigate Your Own CREDIT REPORTS!
  • Uncover Exciting Job Opportunities!
  • Get Your Own FBI file and see what BIG BROTHER knows about YOU!
  • Find out whether your Job Applicant really has the background and experience he claims. 
  • Track down long-lost relatives and friends, even your whole high school class.
  • Find out who Is babysitting your children.

  • Where in the world is your lousy, cheating "ex" hiding assets?
  • Learn whether your potential business partner, surgeon or contractor has ever been sued.
  • Discover who owns the car that sideswiped you, or that's parked in your neighbor's driveway every night.
  • Check whether relatives have unclaimed assets you can inherit.
  • Protect yourself against today's scary epidemic of identity theft.
  • Learn your boss's or that cute new neighbor's unlisted phone number.
  • Has your fiancÚ been married before, perhaps even been to jail?
  • That stranger who turned up out of nowhere, is he a fugitive?  

    Find Out Now! 

Become a Cyber Detective and explore a whole new world
of valuable information.

Anything about Anyone Online

Unlock the same databases used by thousands professional investigators and law enforcement agents.

Cyber Detective 9
                            Presents Cyber PI Background Investigations


1 Year Unlimited Use $29.95

Your Cyber PI Membership includes
of our massive member's only resources
The Cyber PI Information Database Library
24 Hours A Day
Seven Days A Week

And You Can Use Any Computer
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ONLY $19.97

Our Current Database 211,461,546 US residents.

To Information
24 Hours A Day,
Seven Days A Week...

No Download Required.
Order online NOW or by fax or mail.

Join over 750,000 happy users.

YOUR satisfaction is 100%
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Here are just a few of the dozens of things
you can do...

  • Find people who have moved or changed their name.
  • Identify street addresses from phone numbers or P.O. boxes.
  • Locate relatives, old friends or deadbeat spouses you haven't seen in more than a decade.
  • Decipher the clues and paper trails nearly everyone leaves behind.
  • Exercise your rights to see public records and obtain FBI, CIA and other government documents through the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Perform do-it-yourself background checks as often as you like.
  • Learn about previous lawsuits, hidden assets, concealed ownership, tax liens, court judgments, criminal records.
  • Check the licenses, qualifications and disciplinary records of doctors, lawyers, accountants, contractors, even home inspectors.
Detect the identity of birth parents or children given up for adoption as well as their current whereabouts.

Exciting Member's New Cyber PI Information Database Center Is At Your Finger Tips 27/7. Nothing to download, no program to load and take-up your computer hard disk space. Whether you're a computer beginner or a veteran computer user, it is simple and easy-to-use.

To Become A Cyber Detective..

5 Simple Steps

1. Get started by clicking to our easy-to-use order system. You will receive UNLIMITED USE for ONE TWO Full Years to the Members Only Cyber PI Info Database Library for only $19.97 (retail price $59.94 Two Years).

2. You will receive by email your secret Member's Only URL, your personal ID and Password to enter the world's largest investigator's database center within 24 hours.

3. You will open your internet browser. Enter our secret member's Only URL.

4. Once you have entered your ID and password you will enter the database center. There you will scroll down to the area of your interest.

As an example you might stop at your state motor vehicle information to trace license plate or move into criminal records to prevent a mistake.

5. Click on your choice and enter your subject information and get the results. It is that simple.

You can access over 200 million records for a full year. And the secret members only site is open 24 hours a day... Seven days a week.

Cyber PI comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Plus, includes one full years of Unlimited Use. You are just minutes away from expanding your Internet experience with the greatest investigative tool you have ever seen. If you prefer, you can order by fax or snail mail see information below.

Locate people, find assets and verify background info with our exclusive, easy-to-use database and tools! 

This exciting new software enables you to investigate, find, track and learn anything about anyone just like a professional Private Eye, but (perfectly legally) without a license!

New Cyber PI Investigator's
Database Membership

1 Year Unlimited Use


Automatic Live
Cyber PI Info Updates

Unlike our competitors each time you use your new CYBER PI INFO you will go live direct to your members area on the internet. We automatically update this massive library of databases with new resources as available.

CYBER PI works on all computers with internet connection.

Nothing is downloaded into your computer.

Although new International information has been added to start to reach the international resources for data
but most of these membership investigators resources contain U.S. Information.

A Complete 22nd Century Investigative Solution!

Cyber Detective
                                  9 Presents Cyber PI Background
30 Day Total Satisfaction

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